Investor Centre – Investor Calendar

Date Event
Aug 2022 FY2022 Longevity Report
Jul 2022 FY2022 Annual Report
FY2022 Annual General Meeting
May 2022 FY2022 Financial Results Announcement
Mar 2022 SGX & GS Singapore Corporate Day 2022
Dec 2021 Smartkarma Corporate Webinar: Boustead
Nov 2021 1H FY2022 Financial Results Announcement
Aug 2021 FY2021 final dividend of 0.9 cents and special dividend of 14.5 cents
FY2021 Longevity Report
Jul 2021 FY2021 Annual Report
FY2021 Annual General Meeting
Extraordinary General Meeting
May 2021 FY2021 Financial Results Announcement
Mar 2021 SGX & GS Singapore Corporate Day 2021
Feb 2021 Extraordinary General Meeting for Boustead Industrial Fund