Business Model

In order to achieve our mission, vision and long-term objectives, we rely on our business drivers: business platforms, strategies and business model value chain – guided by our fundamental principles and strong human-centric corporate values. These business drivers highlight how we combine our core competencies and strategies for international markets to allow us to achieve our long-term objectives to be adaptable and relevant, deliver sustainable value and progress to key stakeholders, and make a positive impact economically, environmentally and socially on the world.

Our Business Platforms

Positioning and presence

  • Extensive capabilities spanning design-and-build, development, leasehold portfolio management and ownership, and facilities management
  • Successful spotting and positioning on global megatrends
  • Growing regional presence with local market knowledge
  • Broad coverage of industries with clients among world’s best corporations


  • Market leader in Singapore with extensive track record in delivering best-in-class projects
  • Green Mark Platinum industrial leader with firsts in heavy industry, aerospace and logistics categories
  • Manager and owner of growing leasehold portfolio
  • Commitments to quality and EHS performance


  • Top design-and-build team for advanced eco-sustainable industrial facilities
  • Empowering culture
  • Fair and non-discriminatory employment
  • Ability to attract, motivate and retain talent
  • Industry technical experts

Our Strategies

Regional expansion

With a strong brand heritage, our expansion into fast-growing regional markets rides upon our in-depth domain expertise, leading industry market positions and diversified track record in delivering over 3,000,000 square metres of industrial facilities in Singapore, China, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Growing leasehold portfolio

Our growing leasehold portfolio of both wholly-owned and jointly-owned leasehold properties contribute recurring rental income and management fees.

Partnerships, acquisitions and investments

Our continuous search for strategic partnerships, catalytic acquisitions and investments is aimed at accelerating our business expansion, enhancing capabilities, broadening revenue streams and driving sustainable long-term growth.

Integrated capabilities

Our integrated suite of capabilities – spanning design-and-build, development, leasehold portfolio management and ownership, and facilities management – are aimed at helping clients to achieve highly effective and cost competitive solutions that raise efficiency and multi-decade building lifecycle sustainability.

Risk and reward balance

We are vigilant in ensuring that our strategies to enhance shareholder value are well-supported by sound risk management.

Quality and EHS focus

We strive to achieve the highest standards in quality and workplace EHS, building on our growing achievements under Enterprise Singapore’s Business Excellence Framework, the Building & Construction Authority’s Green & Gracious Builder Scheme and the Workplace Safety & Health Council’s bizSAFE Programme.

Technological transformation

Our ongoing business transformation is supported by steady adoption of digitally-enabled, productivity-enhancing approaches like integrated digital delivery, building information modelling, design for manufacturing and assembly, and smart building capabilities. We aim to be a market leader in the world of Industry 4.0.